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Monday, May 07, 2007

Sambalpur is a city in the western portion of India's Orissa state. It is the headquarters of Sambalpur District. Sambalpur derives its name from the presiding Goddess Samleswari (Samalai).

Sambalpuri - a variation of the Oriya language is the the native language of Sambalpur. In the ancient time this area was known as Kosal. Goddess Samaleswari is the presiding deity of the area.

Sambalpur serves as the gateway to the bewitching western zone of Orissa, abounding in lush green forests, colourful wildlife, exquisite array of hills, waterfalls of streaming pearls, rich tribal life and culture, folk songs and dances and a variety of monuments.

Famous For:
In the time past Sambalpur was famous for diamond trade. Now it is famous for its internationally renowned Hand Loom Textile works (Sambalpuri handloom Sari, Handkerchief, Bed Sheets etc,) popularly known as Sambalpuri Textile. It has earned international fame for its unique pattern, design and texture.

A Little History:
Sambalpur finds mention in the book of Ptolemy (2nd century A.D) as "Sambalaka" on the bank of the river "Manada" (presently known as the river Mahanadi).

It was last governed by the feudal chiefs of the Chawhan dynasty till 1803 and then came under the sway of the British Empire. Sambalpur was occupied by the British on 2nd January, 1804. The name of Veer Surendra Sai ((Most renowned freedom fighter from Western Orissa), who fought an epic struggle against the British Rule, is recorded in golden letters in the history of India's struggle for independence.

Important Places to Visit:
Places like the world famous Hirakud Dam, leaning Temple of Huma and the wildlife Sanctuary at Badrama (Ushakuthi), Khalasuni and Debrigadh (wildlife sanctuary in the Barapahad mountain range - Chourasimal), Budharaja Temple, Gudguda waterfall, Ghanteswari Temple attract tourists.

Near by places like the Narsinghnath and Harishankar, (Bolangir) Padhanpat (Deogarh) Hanuman Batika, Mandira Dam and Khandadhar (Rourkela) attracts tourists to its serene surroundings.

Art and Culture:
The artwork of the Sambalpuri tie and dye weavers, fascinating fabrics with enchanting designs and motifs is cherished for the uniqueness by the connoisseur of handloom the world over. Sambalpuri songs and dance has earned a unique place in the cultural arena of the world.


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